“…With Sound! is top of the pile. Also on a level where city limits and country boarders have no meaning” Steffen B. Pedersen // Geiger

Glöggerne & Martin Klapper is a Danish/Czechoslovakian trio that practices sonic magic. Glöggerne are in a parallel miniature universe on the edge of reality where 40 kilos of plastic toys, amplified objects and tiny electrical devices are the focal point in a game of life and death. In 2003, Glöggerne befriended the Czech artist and toy collector, Martin Klapper, resulting in a collaboration that to this day is still going strong. Together they have recorded the aptly named debut album With Sound!, pressed on 10” clear vinyl with analogue mastering by Goodiepal and Loop-o. The record is available in 300 numbered copies with artwork and handmade covers by Martin Klapper.

The three musicians have played individually with people like Eugene Chadbourne, Derek Bailey, Pat Thomas, Evan Parker and many others in Canada, France, USA, Germany and Japan.

Other things said about Glöggerne:
'I felt psysically ill form listening to your music. It was pure torture and I could not stand it!'
'I have never heard anyone play like this before!'
''It sound like the fufure'

A1 Side A [10:00]
B1 Side B [13:16]

Martin Klapper: toys, amplified objects & live electronics
Mikkel Ring: live electronics, guitar & amplified objects
Christian Skjødt: live electronics, toys & amplified objects

Recorded in Aalborg, Denmark, February 2007
Mastered and cut by Goodiepal & Loop-o
Cover by Martin Klapper + Wunderbaum

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Clear 10” vinyl mini-album
300 numbered copies
Free mp3 download + bonus track
Includes poster + ?
Cataloguenumber: TONOM072




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